The Needle. I love you, baby, can I have some more ?

Bird says skiing saved him from being a junky, but obviously, the ADD kid found a new addiction. Doubtless, a more glorious one, but as the horse, if you ride it too much, the dream can blow you away.Based on Neil Young song ‘The Needle and The Damage Done’, The Needle is a tribute to the sons of the Mother, the ones who use the aiguille du Midi (‘aiguille’ means ‘needle’ in English) as a launching ramp for the flash of a descent.

Thanks to

Editing -Alex Bosco

Additional Camera- Wingsuiter Laurent Frat

Sung and Played by Taylor Carey

SpeciaL Thanks to Neil Young for his inspiration and song “Needle and the Damage Done” .

Also to my mom  for nurturing a momas boy– come on thats funny no?