Flo Tomei et Rémi Peschier à l'entrée du Glacier Rond. À qui l'honneur ? Photos : Cédric Bernardini

May, you may

Two crows emerge from the vortex at 3800 meters to draw symmetric lines of ecstasy. Flo Tomei and Remi Peschier open the Glacier Rond under the lively eye of Cedric Bernardini.

Photos : Cédric Bernardini

flo tomei on his camox freebird Photos : Cédric Bernardini

Mid May, the cold hooks up. It won’t surrender to Spring. The massif takes flocks of snow. With heavy gusts, the wind sculpts and brings chaos to the faces.

Photos : Cédric Bernardini

rémi peschier with his navis freebird Photos : Cédric Bernardini

Within the uproar, hunters are rare, but there are still a few. Aiguille du Midi, some skiers wait for the window in the furious sky. A few minutes and the clouds may open up to a big blue sky. Some will have more patience or more luck than others…

Texte : Antoine Jag
Photos : Cédric Bernardini