GoPro, Nikolai, and the emergence of the ski selfie.

GoPro just released it’s latest clip starring the Norwegian Crow, Nikolai Schirmer. We gave him a call to see what he had to say about it.

“What can I say? I was just shooting with a GoPro all year. It’s cool that they noticed.”

Go Pro caught wind of Nikolai’s northern exploits when he released this earlier this year.

Nikolai perspective on filming is interesting, while the appeal for most is a hero moment to spread on the web, Nikolai’s connection goes a little further than that.

“I ski a lot for myself you know, and it’s interesting how having the GoPro on your head changes things. It motivates you to push a little harder than if you weren’t able to capture it. I actually think it improves my skiing.”

who: Nikolai Schirmer

where: Lyngen Alps

when: April

what: duos freebird