back to the futur

Sometimes it’d be nice to go back in time, we’d go back Marty Mcfly-style to last autumn and fetch JP and Andreas. We wouldn’t need to change plans for the Memorial, we’d do it anyway. I’m sure that JP would have given Fab a run for his money on the quarter pipe. JP always had a way with transitions. He knew how to go high and stay tidy and it was always cool to watch him ride quarter pipes.

Riksgränsen is a historic place in the world of freestyle, witness to Ingemar Backman’s backside air at the first freestyle ski comp. I hadn’t skied in Sweden for ages and I have to admit that the small mountains are pretty cool for some end-of-season shredding. There are also a bunch of great ski tours to do around Riksgränsen and Närvik but this time we hadn’t taken our sweat-making gear with us. We stayed put in the small resort to enjoy the sweet quarter pipe and the small back mute hit. Two emotional days spent thinking about our friends who have left us. We had a good laugh nonetheless and all the skiers taking part played the game: Fabien Maierhofer was stomping authentic 1080s and Jacob Wester landed his first mute backflip. Despite the quarter being as hard as ice there was some serious huckage. I managed to crack my helmet in two. The back mute session was really cool and we got to watch an enormous back flip on a GT snow racer (after a few attempts landed the wrong side up).

I really hope that next season there will be even more riders from back in the day.

Long live the JP Memorial.