black crows protect themselves with a light padded jacket to temper the ardour of the cold.

Designed for mountain skiing, the aviateur jacket is destined to fly through the cold seasons. Lightweight, warm compact and elegant, it proves to be an excellent second skin for piloting the après-ski.


An essential ski garment, the lightweight padded jacket naturally stands out as a key element in our new corpus collection. Once the decision was taken, it was once again necessary to try and get off the beaten track and readapt the concept of the padded jacket. How to make the difference when everybody wears the same thing ? By way of imagination, that of our childhood dreams and airmen’s jackets who accompanied our missions in the woods behind the house or on the pavement over the road. It is from the bombers and the pioneering spirit of aviation that we drew our inspiration to create this model intended for high flying missions. We then worked on the design with overlapping alveoli in the form of chevrons to use the latest generation of insulation of PrimaLoft® microfibres and, the last but not least final element, gave particular care to the precision and originality of the details.

The result is a lightweight padded jacket adjustable to suit the respective morphologies of both sexes, equipped with the most modern techniques and emblematic finishes. It goes under a Gore-Tex jacket as soon as the temperatures falls, it rolls in to a ball at the bottom of your pack to counter any chills and accompanies you as a light jacket in your daily life. Among the finishes, is a map of the Mont-Blanc massif printed in chevrons on the lining revealing a subtle mirror effect with our principal mountain playground. However, even if this map more or less respects the topography of the massif, don’t use it as your main orientation tool when you visit Chamonix or you risk getting cold.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Technical specifications  :

Wadded with ultra-fine PrimaLoft® Silver microfibres which are both waterproof and breathe. They form compact groups of pockets of air which store the body heat, blocking the cold, and offer an excellent weight/heat ratio.The PrimaLoft® Silver microfibres are conceived to resist water , so that the wadding stays dry as long as possible and keeps its insulating properties. Besides, they imitate the compressibility of a sleeping bag and breathe, which facilitates the evacuation of perspiration through the fibres. Designed to be worn under a corpus 3 layer jacket or as a light weight jacket, it packs down into its integrated pocket in an instant for minimal volume.


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